Various Dream Team Videos 2017-19 – Camera Operator, Scriptwriter, Editor, Sound Operator and/or Actor:

Marathon Bet “Shoot the O” 2014 – Camera Operator:

Spurs Alternative Sports Day – Camera Operator:

Googoosh Music Academy 2013 – Production Runner:

Cadence Performance – Camera Operator and Editor:

Degree Portfolio Hand In 2012 – Co. Producer, Co. Director, Camera Operator and Editor:

Wayne and Abel Pilot sample – Camera Operator:

More: Wayne and Abel Video Samples

Wilbour – Camera Operator:

Degree Documentary – Production Manager, Co. Producer

Genesis of the Acoustic from Oz Koca on Vimeo.

Portable Floodlights Promo Video – Co. Producer, Co. Director, Editor:

Short Horror – Camera Operator:

Degree Drama – Camera Operator

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